“The racial issue has been the unresolved dilema of America.
It has gone on since our countries inception because its root has not
been addressed by those most qualified to address the issue – the Church.”
~Tony Evans


#WeCanDoBetter: Healing the Racial Divide is a response to today’s racially charged climate. Dr. Tony Evans speaks from a personal perspective and discusses the need for racial healing in our nation and in our churches. He proposes that at the core of racial disunity lies the failure to understand and execute righteousness and justice from God’s perspective. In this timely book, which concludes with a personal challenge to all believers, Dr. Evans calls readers to be intentional about embracing God’s desire for oneness.

#WeCanDoBetter: Strategies for Racial Unity through Community Restoration encourages churches, which have been uniquely called to impact our society for good, to get involved in God’s Kingdom work where you live. In this timely book, Dr. Tony Evans offers “the plan” we have all been looking for to not only bring about racial unity in our country but to also restore our communities. He unveils a local model for the church that will impact your community and effect change in the lives of many. This step-by-step plan is sure to transform communities, and our nation.

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