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One Life Under God 

One of the greatest dangers in the body of Christ today occurs when religion replaces an intimate relationship with our King. Religion is anything you do for God that does not stem from a heart connected to God. It is only in knowing God and seeking Him first in all that you do, say and think that you come to discover His greatest plan for your life.

9780802411419One Family Under God 

There is a crisis in America today. Families are failing, the divorce rate is rising, marriage is being re-defined, and roles are no longer properly understood. And because of this crisis, far too many of our nation’s children are growing up without a proper blueprint on the family. They are growing up without answers to questions like, “How do I become a man” or “What does a good wife look like?” There are answers to this crisis, and there is a road map to becoming a family under God.



One Church Under God 

The church has been established as that place where the values of eternity operate in history. That place where weary people can go to find truth, acceptance, freedom, forgiveness and hope. Operating in the world while being a model for the world, the church offers an alternative to the world. God has established this unique body of Christ as a community of people spiritually linked together with the purpose of reflecting the values of His kingdom.


One Nation Under God 

Lady Liberty proclaims freedom every day to anyone with a heart to hear her. Yet, although the opportunity to experience the benefits of legal freedom exists in our nation, many people still live in bondage to a number of injustices.


One Kingdom Under God

The kingdom agenda is God’s blueprint for how all of life ought to be lived. However, the problem we face today is that many people have misunderstood the kingdom, therefore marginalizing its authority and influence not only in our own lives but also in our land. When Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” He was referring to a literal entity – a kingdom that carries with it all of the power we need to live victorious lives and transform the world around us.




Life Under God: The Kingdom Agenda 365 Daily Devotional Readings – Coming September 2014



In this series, Dr. Tony Evans offers concise & inexpensive resources which explore God’s intentions for life. Through masterful illustrations, and engaging anecdotes, you will be encouraged, edified, and exhorted to live all of life under God!

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